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Check Out The Difference Here In What The Overall Costs Are Between Intensive/Residential Programmes And Conventional Single Lesson A Week Training Courses.

You Need To Know That Single Lessons Taken - As Per One Or Two A Week - Are Very Much More Expensive In The Long Run In Attaining Your Full Driving Entitlement. It's All Simply To Do With The Lack Of What We Call "Consistency Training".

You Have Just Checked Out Our Pricing Structure From The Relevant Page. And As With Most Visitors You Have Compared The Lesson Costs To Your Local Driving Schools. Thus, You Have Now Assessed That Single One Lesson Charges Are Dissimilar To The Intensive/Residential Driving Course You Wish To Embark On With Driving Test Doctors UK. And Yes, You Are Correct. 


As We Said, It's All To Do With "Consistency Training". When You Are Learning To Drive For Several Hours Per Day, Progress Is Continual Until You Have Reached The End Of That Session. Thus, What You Have Paid For In Terms Of Training Per Hour Is What You Actually Get Back.

Example (A):

Four Hours In Cost Equals Four Hours Of "Consistency Training"  Without Any Part Of The Programme Being Lost.  This Is A Very Fair Business Exchange Indeed And You Reap The Full Benefits.

Now Look Below:

Consider Those Single Lessons Per Week That Go On For Ever And Aver. In This Scenario Your Very First Single One-Hour Slot Is The Only Part Of Your Learner-Driver Programme That Reaps The Full Benefit Of Your Overall Training Costs. And Therefore Your Future Lessons Are Of Very Poor Value. This is Because On Average You Spend 35 Minutes Each Single In-Car Session On What We Term "Dead Training Time". This Is Made Up Of The Following:

(1) Car Entry/Preparation/Programme Discussion = 9 Minutes.

(2) It's Been A Week Since You Drove (Catching Up On Your Technique) = 18 Minutes.

(3) End Of Lesson Debrief/Departure From Training Area = 8 Minutes.

All The Above Is Your Fully Paid Up Training Time Which Leaves Approximately 25 Minutes Of Cost Effective In-Car Tuition Out Of A Single One-Hour Slot.

So, This Is What It's All About. The Comparison Page You Are Reading Can Now Highlight What You Seriously Need To Think About Indeed When You Are Weighing Up Your Options.


You Are Now Very Interested In The Following:

Example (B):

To Reap At Least Four Hours Of Training Benefit In The One-A Week Training Scenario, This Now Equates To Over Eight Hours Of In-Car Tuition Which Must Taken And Indeed Paid For In Full.

Check Out This Quick Comparison:

Single One Lesson Per Week Training


Dead Training Time = 35 Minutes In Each Single 1-Hour Slot.

This Is More Than 50% Of Your Money And Time Wasted.

You Actually Reap Less Than 2-Hours Of Positive And Progressive Training Time Out Of 4-Hours Taken.

Residential/Intensive Training Programmes

No "Dead Training Time".

You Will Reap The Full 4-hours Of Progressive Improvement Time In Your 4-Hours Of In-Car Tuition Because Of "Consistency Training". 

4-Hours Of Training Costs = 4-Hours Achieved Towards Your Full Driving Licence Entitlement.

How Far Did You Get With Your Last Driving Lesson?

Why Not Do Your Own Analysis And Let Us Know Your Conclusion.

You Can Get Back To Us Via This Link: 


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