Driving Test Doctors Tuition Car
Driving Test Doctors Tuition Car

Joe Passed
Joe Passed

Ted and Barry Pass
Ted and Barry Pass

Driving Test Doctors Tuition Car
Driving Test Doctors Tuition Car


Seeking Your Freedom Again.

Once More You Have Got To Take The Practical Driving Test So As To Get Back Your Lost Licence. And This Exam Is Going To Much Harder Than The Conventional Driving Test Because it's Taken Over A Double Session. So You Have Got Make Sure You Are Fully Prepared And You Get It Absolutely Right The Very First Time Around Because The DVSA Exam Is Also Very Expensive.

Extended Driving Test Course.

Two-Day Training Course And Test.

An Intensive Residential Programme.

As Early As Next Week

We Have Designed A Specific Two-Day Training Course Especially For You So As To Regain Your New Driving Licence Entitlement On The Very First Test Attempt.


Make No Mistake. The National Average For Failing The Driving Test Without Our Training Is Now Exceeding 69%. So, The Odds Are Not In Your Favour If You Take This Exam Without Being Fully Prepared.

Book Your Extended Driving Course And Test.


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It's Your Choice. Either Take Accommodation Or Commute.


Day One: We Will Assess Your Driving Skills For Being Safe And Test Aware. Then Strive To Make Good Any Faults. 

Introduce You To The Driving Test Area.


Day Two: Continue To Polish Up On Any Problem Points You May Have. Now Take The Driving Exam Being Test Ready.

You Need To Be Realistic.


What Is The Examiner Looking For?


The Test Has Changed Since You Last Took it.


This One Is Harder And Twice As Long.

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We Have A 97% Pass Rate On This Type Of Module. We Are The Only Company Who Operate Nationally And Have A Long Standing Fully Experienced Tutor Whom Solely Specialises In The Extended Driving Test. All Of Our Successes (97 out of 100 tests taken) Say "They Couldn't Have Done This Without Our Professional Help And A Conventional/Advanced Driving School Or Tutor Just Wouldn't Have Been Enough".


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