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Extended Driving Test Info. What You Need To Do Next.

The Information On This Page Will Help You To Plan Your Way Back Into Gaining Your Full Licence Entitlements Again.



If You Havn't Already Done So, You Will Need To Make Sure You Apply For A New Provisional         Driving Licence And Have This To Hand [ If It Was Revoked! ]. It Should Take About Two-Weeks To Come Through. You Can Download A Form From This Link:

If Your Licence Was Not Recalled You May Not Have To Do This.


If You Were Disqualified For Some Alcohol Related Offences, DVLA Will Make Some Medical Enquires Before Your New Licence Entitlement Can Be Allowed.




Once You Have Your Licence In Force You Will Need To Study For The Theory Exam [ See Second Section Below As Well ]. The Official DVSA Theory Material Can Be Sort From This Link:




You Will Also Need To Study For The Hazard Perception Test. Cd's Can Be Obtained From Your Local WH Smith Store And Indeed Many Other Similar Outlets. You Can Also Study Online. Here Is An Example Link:





If You Have Been Told You Do Not Need To Take The Theory Exam, Then You Are Ready To Rock & Roll!  Or, If You Are Not Completely Sure About This Then Just Get In Touch With DVLC And They Will Tell You Exactly What You Have Got To Do. Use This Link:




OK.  Let's Assume You Have Now Passed Your Theory And Hazard Perception Test. Or, Indeed You Didn't Need To Take It!  So, Congratulations. You Are Now Ready To Book Your Extended Driving Course And Practical Test Appointment With Us. To Book Just Click The Below Link When You Have Read Through The Rest Of This Page.



We Will Require Some Details From You.


(A) Your Full Name.


(B) Your E-Mail Address And Contact Telephone Number.


(C) Driving Licence Number.


(D) Theory Pass Certificate Number (If You Have One).


(E) Your Date Of Birth.


And That's it.


With The Details You Supply We Can Go On To Secure You An Extended Driving Test Appointment And Connect This To The Small Training Course You Will Need So As To Pass The Exam First Time.


If You Were A Full Licence Holder Before The Ban, You Should Only Require The Recommended Two-Day Course. This Is Providing You Were Actively Driving On A Full Licence Within The Last Two-Years.  If You Were A Provisional Licence Holder And/Or It Has Been Longer Than Two-Years Since You Drove Upon The Public Highway, Then You Will Most Likely Require Some Additional Time For Completing The Current Training Syllabus Successfully.  Thus, An Extra Day May Well Safeguard Your Accomplishment. Provisional Licence Holders Of An Early Training Status Will Require A Longer Course To Suit Their Lack Of Experience.


We Hope The Above Information Has Been Helpful. However, Should You Have Any Queries Or Concerns About The Extended Driving Test Courses We Offer Then Please Do Talk To Us.

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