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The Residential Driving Course


40 Years Of Driving Tuition Services.


Gold Standard Tuition And Our 1st Class Pass Rate

Gold Standard Driving Tuition

This Is The Landing Page For Our Gold Standards Information. However, If You Have Arrived Here While Already Searching Our Website, Then Of Course We Offer Our Friendly Greetings To You Too.

Welcome Learner-Driver To Our Website.


You Are Obviously Intrigued In Our Professional Services And Therefore About To Interact With Our Unique Website. However, Before You Start Clicking On The Pages Of Interest There Is


Something We Think You Should Know:

After Offering Our Professional Driving Tuition Services To The Learner-Driver Student For The Last Forty Years, You Would Expect Our Tuitional Expertise To Be Second To None. Well, Quite Simply You Are Right. And We Have Our Long Standing Reputation And Pass Rates So As To Prove It.





These Are Twice The National Average Figures. It's Also Well In Excess To Many Of Our Competitors Who Have Tried So Very Hard To Reproduce The Services We Originally Helped To Create. However, They Are Continually Failing. Why? Because Long-Term Experience Cannot Be Gained In Any Other Way Except Through the Mature Develpoment Of The Service You Are Providing Over A Lengthy And Extended Period Of Time. And It's A Fact. Many Driving Schools Are Here Today But Gone Tomorrow Which Is An Accurate Reflection On The Kind Of Service They Were Delivering.


Driving Test Doctors UK Has Stood The Passage Of Time.








We Refer To Our Achievements As The

Gold Standard Within Driving Instructional Services

Because We Think We Have Earned It.


So, You Will Be Glad To Know We Are Well And Truely

Masters Of Our Profession.


Do You Really Want To Settle For Anything Less?


Please Check Out The Rest Of Our Website; We Have Lots Of Interesting Pages With Bundles Of Very Useful Information. Then Later We Can Chat About Your Learner-Driver Requirements With Absolutely No Obligations At All When You Are Completely Ready.





We Recommend You Start With Our Home Page.


Remember We Are Always Here To Help You

And Talking Costs Absolutely Nothing At All.


"Why Go Anywhere Else"


Thanks For Checking Us Out Today.

Masters Of Our Class Pass Grades: An All Time Overall Pass Rate Of 92.91%

A Very Good Tip:



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