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Hypnotherapy Care.

We Are Pleased To Introduce Penny Bennett Who Is Our Fully Qualified Hypnotherapist.

Hypnotherapy For Driving Nerves

Penny Bennett. 

Dip: Clinical Hypnotherapist / Full Member The Society Of Transformational Therapy.

Suffering Driving Test Fears!

Lacking Confidence!

Stress And Worries!

Previous Training Left You Nervous!

Penny Can Offer The Anxious Learner-Driver Student Some Welcoming Help And Assistance Towards Gaining Their Confidence. 


One Major Obstacle Is The Driving Test Itself. While Others May Have A Problem With The Driving Lesson Period In General And Find Each Module That They Are Presented To A Stressful Task Indeed.

Working Together As A Team So As To Complement Driving Sussess. 


The Hypnotherapy Tool Could Be Just What You Are Really Looking For!

To Make Further Enquiries About A Hypnotherapy Plan, Just Click The Link Button Below.

Will You Feel The Difference?

The Hypnotherapy Sessions Are Taken While You Are On The Driving Course.


Usually After The Module Of The Day When You Are Winding Down.

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