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This Page Has Information That You Will Need When Your Driving Licence Is Locked By DVLA. 

Extended Driving Test Help Just For You.

You Want To Book An Extended Driving Test Training Programme With An Exam Included. You Have Filled Out Our Booking Form With All Your Personal Details And Sent It Off Via Our website Form. We Have Replied And Told You That Your Driving Licence Is Locked With DVLA And It Now Requires "Unlocking" To Be Able To Process Your Course And Test Any Further. So, Just What Is Happening And Why Is My Driving Licence "Locked"?


Please Read Below For More Information. 



Firstly, We Need To Make Sure The Information You Have Given Is Correct And As Typed On Your Licence. That Is, Full Name, Address With Post-Code And Driving Licence Number. Also, We Need The Correct Theory Pass Certificate Number And Expiry Date. If These Details Are Not Given To Us We Cannot Unlock Your Licence With DVLA And It Will Hold Up The Processing Of Your Course.

Ok. Why Is My Licence Locked? 

You Have Most Likely Been Banned From Driving By The Court And Ordered To Take Another Driving Test. That Will Be An Extended Test.

Once The Provisional Licence Comes Into Date, DVLA Will Not Allow You To Book An Extended Driving Test Appointment Via Your Training Organization Until DVSA (the authority for issuing driving tests) Have Confirmed You Are Seeking To Get Your Full Licence Back. Thus, We (your training organization) Are Required To Contact DVSA On Your Behalf And Start The Unlocking Of Your Driving Licence Before A Test Appointment Can Be Made. There Is No Other Way Of Doing This. However, There Is No Need For You To Worry About The Process As It's All A Part Of The Service We Offer. In All, If You Want An Extended Training Programme And Test Appointment With Driving Test Doctors UK. Then, We Need To Unlock Your Licence.

If You Are Still Not Sure About This Process, Then You Are Free To Call DVSA To Check Out Our Sincerity If This Helps.

DVSA - 0300 123 9000

Alternatively, If You Trust Our 47 Years Of Experience In Dealing With These Issues - Just Let Us Do Our Work And We Will Do All That Is Necessary To Get You Going On This As Quickly As Possible.

Processing Times To Unlock Your Licence Can Take Up To Three Days

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