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Try Before You Buy.


Maybe You Don't Know If A Fast Track Intensive Course Is Really For You!


So If You Like We Can Arrange A One-Day Trial Course To See How You Get On.

I Would Like To Check All This Out Before Committing Myself

Will An Intensive Course Suit My Requirements?

Not Sure How Many Days I Should Enrol To!

Will I Really Like The Training Area?

Who Is My Instructor?

What About The Car?

 Maybe I Could See The Guest House First!

One-Day Mini Course

This Small Mini Course Will Set You Right. It's Been Especially Designed Just For You. It Will Put Your Mind At Ease And Answer Most Of The Questions And Queries That You Are Wondering About.

Special One-Day Trial. Mid-Morning Start And Early Afternoon Finish. Try Before You Buy A Full Training Course.


This Small Programme Will Form A Part Of Your Overall Training And Is Counted Towards The Total Time That Is Required To Become Driving Test Ready. We Will Introduce You To The Full Training Syllabus And Check Out Your Driving Skills.

No Pressure - Your Pace - No Commitment


The Mini Course Will Highlight Just What Is Required For You To Become A Successful Driver And Also Indicate What Course Length You Need To Enrol Upon Within The Near Future.  


Think - Ask Questions - Confer - Decide


Once You Have Received Your Training Report Of The Day, We Will Of Course Be Very Happy To Enrol You To A Full Driving Course. However, There Is No Commitment To Do So And The Choice Is Entirely Yours.

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Special Price.

As You Would Expect, The One-Day Mini Course Is Offered To You At An Introductory Low Fee.


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We Will Even Pick You Up From The Local Train Or Bus Station So As You Can Start Off Your Mini Course Straight Away. Then When The Training Session Is Over We Will Return You Back To The Station Again.


Now Is All This Far Too Easy? Well, Maybe You Have Just Got To Try It!

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