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Price Structure And Associated Fees.

We Believe We Are Offering The Best Value For Money On All Our Driving Courses.

There Is Absolutely No In-Car Sharing.

All Tuition Is One-To-One With Your Instructor And No Other Students Are Sitting In The Back Seat Sharing And Swapping Course Time With You. 

On This Page You Will Find The Costs Of The Following Services:


* Residential/Intensive Courses.

* One-Day Introductory Plan.

* The Extended Driving Course.

* Driving Rehabilitation.

* Pass Plus Programme.

* Accommodation.

* DVSA Practical Test Fees.

* Hypnotherapy.

* The Consultancy Service.

* Theory Exam Costs.

We Are Also Concerned You Get The Very Best Tuition Plan.

We Know Our Business Very Well After Just Celebrating Forty Five Years Within The Learner-Driver Industry.


Please Note:


You Will Find Some Residential/Intensive Driving Schools Offer You Six Hours Or More Of Tuition Time Each Day Behind The Wheel. This Is Far Too Excessive For Your Learner-Driver Needs And It Is Totally Counter-Productive And Also Well Beyond The DVSA Guidlines. If You Participate In One Of These Programmes You Will Most Likely Become Exhausted After The Second Day Of Tuition And Any Further Training Time Will Most Likely Become Very Difficult And Subject To Destruction At Your Very Own Expense.


Thus, More Hours On A Course Do Not Mean More Learning Time!

Your Course Prices.

Residential And Intensive Programmes.

* 2-Day Training Course. Suitable For Very Progressed Learner To Tidy Up A Few Loose Points. £485.00.

* 3-Day Training Course. Clean Up Your Skills And Maybe Polish Up On A Manoeuvre Or Two! £699.00.

* 4-Day Training Course. Failed The Test A Few Times Elsewhere! Then This Course Is For You.  £889.00.

* 5-Day Training Course. Your Skills Will Be At An Intermediate Level - Your Half Way There!   £1122.00.

* 6-Day Training Course.  All The Manoeuvres Have Been Introduced. You Just Need Practice.   £1409.00.

* 7-Day Training Course.  Your Learning Career Will Already Have Got Off To A Good Start.    £1637.00.

* 8-Day Training Course.  You Are Just Beginning To Master The Controls Very Well Yourself.  £1809.00.

* 9-Day Training Course. You Have Been Behind The Wheel A Few Times Now. 4 or 5 Hours.  £1997.00.

  * 10-Day Training Course.   New To Driving?  Then You Will Need To Enrol On This Course.  £2249.00.

Extended Course.

From £539.00.

Mini Trial Course.


Pass Plus Course.


Driving Rehabilitation.

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You Will Need To Contact Us About Your Requirements For A Quote.

Driving Consultancy.

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Includes Your Test Fee.

Hypnotherapy Plan.

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You Will Need To Contact Us About Your Requirements For A Quote.

Driving Test Fees.

£62.00 For A Weekday Slot.


£75.00 For An Evening, Weekend Or Bank Holiday Period.


£124.00 For Extended Driving Tests.


£23.00 For The Theory Exam.


Accommodation Fees Are Not A Set Price.

Each Learner-Driver Will Desire A Different Place To Stay So As To Suit Their Own Personal Requirements. 


Basic B&B Is From Around £45.00 Per Night.

Guest House Status Starts At £50.00 Per Night.

Hotel Accommodation Begins At £70.00 Per Night.


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Finally, We Are Full Of Information That You Really Do Need To Know About.

If You Are Considering Taking The Theory Exam And The Practical Driving Test All In The Same Week, Then We Strongly Suggest You Forget It Unless It's Absolutely Essential. Any Professional Training Establishment Of Good Repute Would't Wish To Put You Through Such An Ordeal As The Demands Are Very Excessive And Often Result In Failure. National Stats Say 89%.


Enrol To A Course With Either A Theory Exam Booking Or A Practical Test Slot Booking But Definitely Not With Both Unless It's Really Urgent. 

The Course Is Tailor-Made To Suit You.

Intensive/Residential Programmes. 

The Course Length Each Day Will Depend On Your Ability And Skill. Normally This Will Be Four-Hours Maximum. Additional Time Will Be Too Exhaustive. At Least One Break Period Is Included To Chat About Your Progress With Some Refreshments.

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You Also Need To Check Out Our Learner-Driver Training Comparison Page Info. 

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All Our Tuition Is Offered Within A Manual Vehicle.

Automatic Geared Tuition Is Offered With Pleasure When You Provide Your Own Car.

* "Day" - As Within The Training Programme Lengths Above, Are Our Active Working Tuitional Periods To A Maximum Of Four Hours Each Period Together With An Included Progress Discussion During A Single Refreshing Break.

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