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These Progammes Are Tailor-Made For The Individual. They Can Be Contructed As Either A Residential Course Where You Stay To Complete Your Driving Recovery Quickly. Or, We May be Able To Visit You At Home.

Driving Rehabilitation


Is Post Traumatic Stress Stopping You From Driving Or Being A Passenger?

If You Have A Driving Related Phobia Perhaps We Are Able To Help!

*  Car Accident/Injury.

*  Stroke Recovery.

*  Nervousness.

*  Driving Fears.

*  Passenger Relief.

* Travel Assistance.

* All At Your Pace.

* Covering All UK.

Do You Need To Get Somewhere Within The UK But Fear Opening The Car Door?

At Driving Test Doctors UK, We Believe An Early On-Road Recovery Programme Is Absolutely Vital For Long Term Success. That Is, Whether Your Trauma Has Been Experienced From A Driving Accident, Stroke Or Similar.


Taking Driving Rehabilitation To Improve Your Confidence Again Can Be Of Great Benefit If It's Received With Repetition. Therefore, We Can Construct A Tailor-Made Driving Recovery Programme Especially For You That Is Taken On A Small Residential Basis. Alternatively, If You Live Close To Our Driving Centre Then Maybe You Could Choose To Commute Or Take Advantage Of Our Home Pick-Up Service. 

Check Out Our Location Map.   Click This Link

Travel Assistance.

If You Need To Travel Somewhere Within The UK And Actually Fear Sitting In The Car Seat - Then We Can Help.


We Can Go Beyond The Regular Rehabilitation Plan And Also Offer You A Personal Travel Service Accompanied By Your Driving Rehabilitation Mentor. We Know That Moving Around The Country Can Be Very Difficult For You. So, This Service Could Be The One That Relieves Your Burdon. And When You Have Reached Your Destination We Will Of Course Return You Back Home When You Are Actually Ready.


It's All Just A Part Of Your Therapy Plan.

Why Not Make Some Further Enquiries About Your Driving Rehabilitation Plan.


The List Of Applications Available Are Endless.


We Are Here To Help With Your Problem And We Will Go Out Of Our Way To Offer You Relief And Recovery.


Click The Below Link And Let Us Know How We Can Assist You.

We Are The UK's Driving Rehabilitation


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